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5 Ways to Get More People to Your Grand Opening

When you plan to introduce your business to the community by hosting a grand opening, your goal should be to get as many people through the doors as possible. But how do you build buzz around your big event? Here are five ideas to get you started.

  1. Promote Locally
    Before you do any other advertising, reach out to local news sources. Community publications, radio, and news stations strive to be as connected as possible and like to be the first to break the news about upcoming events. That's why these groups are often excited to hear from new local business owners. Sometimes, they'll even promote your grand opening online or on the air!

  2. Raise Awareness on Neighborhood Sites
    Promoting your event on sites like NextDoor can be an excellent way to boost attendance at your grand opening. You can target specific neighborhoods and highlight why it's worth stopping by to say hi after you cut the big red ribbon. Be sure to cater your message to the person most likely to be reading your post in each neighborhood. For example, if an area has lots of families, highlight what types of kid-friendly activities you'll have available.

  3. Offer Discounts
    Plan ahead and be prepared to offer coupons, give away branded swag, or pass out free samples at your grand opening. This is a great way to lure in crowds - especially when you're eager to have new people try your products so you can build a fan base! Be sure to promote any discounts, freebies, or swag you'll be offering across all your marketing channels.

  4. Pass Out Flyers
    Check with your city to see if there are any rules you need to follow first. Then, pass as many flyers out as you can. Put them on doors and cars, and hand them out in front of supermarkets or busy restaurants. Getting the word out to as many people as possible will help you get more foot traffic through word of mouth advertising.

  5. Build Relationships
    Talk to nearby businesses and let them know about your new place. Invite them over to visit before you open. If they like what you have to offer, ask if you can post information about your grand opening on their bulletin board or if you can leave business cards on their counter.

Use these easy tried and true marketing tactics to get as many people as possible to your grand opening!

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