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Never worry about sales tax filings, payments, or penalties ever again.

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Get set-it-and-forget-it integration with Square and QuickBooks Online, ...or upload transaction data for filing with QuickBooks Desktop, Amazon & more.

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24-7 Reporting
24/7 Reporting

Robust reports are always up-to-date and accessible. Learn more arrow

Automatic Filing
Automatic Filing

We'll handle everything from filings to payments. Learn more arrow

Powerful Protection
Powerful Protection

LumaTax protects you from audits and penalties. Guaranteed*. Learn more arrow

Access Anywhere
Access Anywhere

Our web interface allows you to access and administer to your LumaTax info from anywhere. Learn more arrow

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Your sales tax return is a few clicks away.

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Connect LumaTax to your POS or Accounting software in a few clicks, or simply upload your sales tax data via a CSV file. Try it! Learn more arrow

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Whether you do business from one location, or you’re dealing with sales tax across multiple jurisdictions, LumaTax has you covered. Try it! Learn more arrow

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All of the up-to-date reporting you need is now just a click away, and when it comes time to file and pay your sales tax, LumaTax is 100% automated. Try it! Learn more arrow

Peace of mind that saves you time & money.

Manual sales tax filing
Average time spent on sales tax prep each year:

40 hrs per location

0 hrs for unlimited locations

Average audit expenses for US small businesses:

$35,000 every 10 years

$0 over the life of use

Built to empower small business owners & tax professionals alike.

LumaTax for eCommerce

Stay up-to-speed on changing sales tax laws affecting your business as LumaTax keeps you compliant. Learn more arrow

LumaTax for retail

Minimize audit exposure while LumaTax guarantees your filings and payments are on time, every time. Learn more arrow

LumaTax for restaurants

Never worry about missing another sales tax filing deadline or paying another penalty with LumaTax. Learn more arrow

LumaTax for accountants

Learn how you can partner with LumaTax to deliver seamless sales tax compliance to your clients. Learn more arrow

Get the experts on your side.

Meet Robert Schulte. He’s a serial entrepreneur, a former sales tax auditor for the State of California, and the founder of LumaTax. When navigating the complexity of sales tax, he's the guy you want on your team.

As a LumaTax customer, Robert and our team become your team to help you weather any sales tax-related storms, penalties, or audits that may come your way.

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This is a fully automated, seamless service. After you opt in to have your returns filed automatically, you really never have to log in again. You’ll receive peace-of-mind notifications before and after we file a sales tax return for you - but no action is necessary on your part to stay compliant going forward. It’s true automation - a system designed to work for you (not the other way around).
No - we never collect or hold the sales tax you collect. When we remit your sales tax to the proper taxing authority at the end of the filing period, we simply provide the state with instructions for debiting your bank account - according to the bank information you provide us with.
We use 256-bit encryption for all data and store everything securely on a remote server. Our technical integrations are built according to the standards set by the originating source system (i.e. the software you already rely on for your business).

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