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15 Small Business Podcasts Worth Listening To

For busy business owners, podcasts can be a great way to squeeze in inspiring success stories and practical tips while you’re on the road or in the gym. Hearing from the experienced veterans of the business world about what worked for them or staying informed on the new best practices in your niche can give you a boost in the midst of a hectic week and keep your juices flowing when enthusiasm threatens to fade.

The list of experts and entrepreneurs who have mastered the art of the podcast seems endless. Many of them successfully mix a healthy dose of entertainment with valuable information. There’s never been a better time to take advantage of this wealth of free, accessible advice.

The Growth Mapping Podcast is one of our top picks.

Below is our short list of favorite podcasts in three categories. In the Marketing category you’ll hear about social media strategies, marketing tools, and the latest trends. In the Finance category you’ll get everything from practical accounting advice to the financial philosophies of some of the wealthiest people in the world. And in the Entrepreneurs & Growth category we’ve chosen the standout broadcasts covering the failures, successes, and growth strategies of inspiring entrepreneurs from around the world.

Luckily, podcasts are simple to download for listening on the go. If you find one you love, it’s a snap to subscribe so you won’t miss an episode.


Copyblogger FM is smart and straight-to-the-point with relevant episode titles like “How are We Supposed to Reach People?”. This short-form broadcast is chock full of tips and expertise on making your content marketing more effective and engaging. Host Sonia Simone weaves together expert interviews with neuroscience, practical insights, and incredibly useful resources. The Copyblogger brand is a legend in online value delivery, and Copyblogger FM maintains the reputation. This podcast especially excels at making what can seem like a monster of a topic to business owners – how to reach and engage customers online with the right content – into a clear and simple set of systems and practices.

Marketing Over Coffee provides a popular overview of the latest trends in marketing each week. This broadcast is for the business owner who likes to stay in-the-know on everything marketing. Text mining, Twitter earnings, and Elon Musk’s latest activities are some of the newsworthy marketing-related topics you’ll find here. Hosts John Wall and Christopher Penn have a knack for relating a diverse range of current events back to marketing. They keep it fun and pack in a ton of current information in just 20 minutes.

Neil Patel and Eric Siu are the hosts of the broadcast, Marketing School.

Marketing School is 5-10 minutes of daily tips and tactics from marketing guru Neil Patel and entrepreneur Eric Siu. They cover online marketing topics like “The Only 10 Marketing Tools You Need” and “Which Marketing Channels Have the Best ROI,” as well as productivity and personal development hacks like “How to Get More Out of Your Day” and “Why We Don’t Watch the News.” Each episode is an actionable blast of marketing brilliance. This broadcast is like having a quick breakfast with two of the biggest brains in online marketing.

The Science of Social Media offers quick 15-minute episodes covering research and best practices in social media marketing. Facebook algorithms, Instagram’s API changes, and optimal reach using third-party tools are some of the more technical topics covered here. General interest topics include best times for posting on social, the rules of storytelling, and Facebook Messenger marketing strategies. The hosts keep the content accessible and down-to-earth. This podcast is a gold-mine of information on one of the most complex and vexing marketing topics for business owners out there.

Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner is a great help for the business owner when it comes to focusing on what’s currently working in social media and dropping what’s not. This podcast provides success stories as well as interviews with some of the well-known pros in the industry. Recent how-to topics include making the most of Instagram stories and using videos to sell. This is a longer-form broadcast with episodes running around 45 minutes each and diving deeply into each topic.

The So Money podcast was voted by Inc. Magazine as the top podcast to grown your business.


So Money brings financial strategy together with big personalities like guests Tony Robbins, Arianna Huffington, and Fran Hauser. Host Farnoosh Torabi is a well-known TV finance correspondent and author who provides daily advice and an inside glimpse at how successful people handle their finances. This award-winning show covers a wide array of topics related to money that will bring insights and value to any business owner.

Accounting Best Practices with Steve Bragg is one of the few accounting-related podcasts whose scope goes beyond the professional CPA. This one includes content that at times would appeal to the business owner as well. Episodes on topics such as handling a sales tax audit, automating accounting, and managing revenue will prove extremely useful. Though you’ll want to skip the career-related episodes geared towards accountants. The information here is practical and useful. It’s offered in easily digestible portions of around 10 minutes.

Xero Gravity is tailored to the small business owner and features the life and business stories of fellow entrepreneurs. Some of the issues explored include the loneliness of being a small business owner and the true meaning of success. Listening to this podcast is like making a new friend and having a 20-minute chat each week with someone who understands the struggles, as well as the triumphs, of the entrepreneurial life. It’s also a great reminder of the power of perseverance.

What Works is an extremely useful podcast made for the small business owner as well. Host and CoCommercial founder Tara Gentile explores what is currently working for business owners across many industries. The show covers practical topics like hiring strategies, sales systems, and business models from a real-world perspective. Episodes of What Works are longer and more in-depth at around 45 minutes each, and you’re almost guaranteed to come away some practical insights.

Andrew Fiebert and Thomas Frank cover a wide range of topics.

Listen Money Matters is not just for business owners, but it’s a fresh, down-to-earth look at how finances operate in your life. With topics covering the overall economy, the financial implications of different business structures, and money mindset you’ll find information here that’s directly relevant to your business life. You’ll also learn about investing, the real estate market, and debt management. Hosts Andrew Fiebert and Thomas Frank describe the show as, “not your father’s boring finance show,” and it lives up to the name.

Entrepreneurs & Growth

Mixergy shares the start-up stories and gets into the minds of successful business founders. This fascinating broadcast offers a “street-smarts” education in starting and running a successful business. With episodes like “How to Bootstrap a Company While Fully Employed” and “How Stress Affects a Founder’s Performance,” host Andrew Warner offers lots of personality while picking the busy and complicated brains of successful start-up founders.

Hack the Entrepreneur host Jon Nastor provides interviews with some of the stars of the online entrepreneurial world with an emphasis on mindset. The show covers intriguing topics like “How to Put Together the Pieces of a Business” and “Focus on One Thing Only.” Nastor brings in super-star guests, such as Seth Godin and Gary Vaynerchuck, to delve into how they got where they are and what they’ve learned in the process. Episodes are on the longer side at 40-45 minutes but well worth the time.

Host Jon Lee Dumas' energy is contagious.

Entrepreneurs on Fire is a broadcast full of inspiration and valuable insights. Every episode features a different entrepreneur who has had massive success in their field and shares actionable tips, as well as the hard lessons they’ve learned along the way. Host John Lee Dumas’ energy is contagious and his candid and tenacious interview style brings authenticity, sometimes vulnerability, and always wisdom out of the show's guests. This show keeps one eye on the cold hard numbers and features titles like, “How to Create a 7 Figure Funnel” and “How One Simple Question Led to a Multi-Million Dollar Company.”

The Growth Mapping Podcast features hosts Sujan Patel and Aaron Agius and explores the top growth strategies being used in business today. Most of the episodes focus on revenue growth and customer acquisition or some combination of the two with an emphasis on the concrete strategies currently seeing results. This podcast covers a lot of ground and is backed by a wealth of real-world experience. Episodes like “Your Network is Your Net Worth” break up the technical expertise with a bit of motivation.

Hubspot’s The Growth Show took a break after three years devoted to all things business growth. It returned at the beginning of 2018 with a new twist on the theme entitled, “The Turnaround.” The broadcast’s latest season features stories of business owners and organizations who have set about to bring a company back from the brink with innovative practices and growth strategies. Stories revolve around figures like Mark Hellendrung of Episode 1 who brought the Narragansett Beer Company back to his hometown in Rhode Island and saved it in the process. Other stories told include those of a contestant on Top Chef and the video-game empire Nintendo.

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