About LumaTax


Our mission is to be an advocate for US small businesses in a regulatory environment that increasingly puts them at a disadvantage. Up first on our agenda is to eliminate the act of sales tax filing for business owners.


Robert Schulte

Robert is the founder of LumaTax. We suspect he knows more about sales and use tax than any person to ever live.

Farhan Sarwar

Farhan is a sharp, gregarious guy with lots of experience building tax software. He leads our engineering team.

Edward Earnest

Edward is our revenue maestro, always thinking about surfing how best to grow LumaTax.

Lina Mary Thomas

Lina brings a wealth of software development experience (and a touch of sophistication!) to the team.

Garik Kosai

Garik does front-end development for us when he's not climbing, hiking, surfing, or jumping out of airplanes.

Mailei Vargas

Mailei is our data analyst. A fast learner, and a veteran university math teacher, Mailei makes sure everything adds up.


Madrona Venture Group
Cowboy Ventures
Greycroft Partners
Vulcan Captial


LumaTax was founded by Robert Schulte, a veteran of the sales tax industry, and launched out of Pioneer Square Labs in the fall of 2016. Pioneer Square Labs is a startup studio in the heart of Seattle that has gone on to successfully spin out a number of exciting startups, since LumaTax became its first funded spin out.

Prior to LumaTax, Robert worked as a Senior Tax Auditor for the State of California. In this role, he learned the ins and outs of sales tax - and came to fully appreciate the burden placed disproportionately on small businesses when it comes to sales and use tax calculation, reporting, and remittance. Robert went on to found Taxcient, a sales tax software company, in the early 2000's. Taxcient eventually merged with Avalara, and Avalara has since become the industry leader in the sales tax software space, catering primary to large, enterprise customers.

Robert, being a lifelong entrepreneur, has always been aware of the fact that there are no adequate, affordable sales tax solutions for the "little guys". At the same time, these small businesses are the lifeblood of the american economy. Ultimately, LumaTax evolved over the course of a decade from and idea to an opportunity to a company - one that Robert is uniquely qualified to lead.


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We can hook into systems you already have and make compliance simple and accurate every time. Paying your sales tax should be just like automated bill pay or payroll.


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LumaTax has received $2 million in financing to build out a comprehensive sales tax solution for small businesses.