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It’s the sales tax solution built for Square.

Square makes life easier for small business owners, and LumaTax makes sales tax preparation, filing, & payment automation a breeze for Square sellers. It’s a perfect match.

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Automate your Square sales tax filings while protecting yourself from audits. That’s LumaTax.

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LumaTax hooks directly into your Square POS data for unprecedented accuracy.

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Get up-to-the-moment details about your sales tax filings 24/7.

24-7 Reporting
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Sales taxes are filed automatically and correctly. Guaranteed.

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Should your sales taxes get audited, you won’t pay a dime. Guaranteed.

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Our clients have never had a late fee, but if you get one, we’ll pay for it.Guaranteed.

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Our team of sales tax experts are at your disposal during good times and bad.

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*About audit protection: Applies to audits that include sales tax returns filed by LumaTax. Coverage includes working directly with the auditors to keep them out of your place of business, providing audit working papers and reports as needed to auditors, and providing expert guidance and support throughout the term of the audit.