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An all-in-one sales tax service for restaurants.


Risk-free, Automated Sales Tax Filing

We've created a world where sales tax filings for Square merchants are touch-free, paper-free, and worry-free. There's really never been a sales tax solution quite like LumaTax. Try it!


Penalty Protection™ Guarantee

Worried about late filing fees? With LumaTax, filings are automatic, but in the astronomically rare case of a late filing, we'll cover any fees incurred. Guaranteed. Try it!


Audit Armor™ Guarantee

Nobody likes an audit, right? With LumaTax, any sales tax audits that include returns we filed on your behalf will be handled by our team of tax experts. Guaranteed. Try it!

Everything you need for just $20 per month.

  • Connect with Square and get set up in minutes
  • Tax filings and payments become automatic
  • Get peace-of-mind alerts for filing and payments
  • Keep your filings compliant with local tax codes
  • Pay for LumaTax with early-filing discounts
  • Access powerful, real-time reports anytime
  • Pricing includes unlimited transactions
  • No setup fees, contracts, or calls from salespeople
  • Access to expert support comes standard
  • Claim your 30-day free trial, no strings attached

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How does LumaTax work?

Connect LumaTax to Square

LumaTax can be connected to your Square account in a few clicks. Once connected, LumaTax will constantly analyze your sales to keep your sales tax filings accurate and up to date. Try it!

LumaTax connects to your Square account

Confirm your basic business info

Whether you do business from one location, or you're sorting out sales tax for multiple locations with multiple sets of rates and filing frequencies, LumaTax for Square has you covered! Just confirm your basic business info and we'll handle the rest. Try it!

LumaTax pull yours basic business info

Sales tax returns get prepared, updated, & filed automatically

With LumaTax, keeping your finger on the pulse of your sales tax situation has never been easier. All of the up-to-date reporting you need is a click away. And when it comes time to file, LumaTax is 100% automated. That means touch-free, paper-free, and worry-free filings... on time, every time. Try it!

Touch-free sales tax filing with LumaTax

LumaTax Alerts keep you in the loop on impending filings and payments made

Peace of mind. It's a simple thing, but when you're running a business, there's almost nothing more valuable. With LumaTax Alerts before and after filings, you can count on resting easy and being able to focus on more important things. Try it!

Never worry about filing another sales tax return

Late fees and audit pains are a thing of the past with LumaTax!

LumaTax Penalty Protection™ and Audit Armor™ make sure you'll never pay a late fee nor deal with expenses from an unwelcome sales tax audit. Try it!

Penalty Protection and Audit Defense from LumaTax
LumaTax & Square have teamed up to make sales tax simple

Ready to simplify your life, save time, and save money with LumaTax?

Join the small business owners across the country who won their nights and weekends back from the drudgery of sales tax filing.