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Get the #1 sales tax solution for QuickBooks.

Whether your small business bookkeeping is 100% DIY, or you’ve got an accountant helping out, LumaTax makes sales tax preparation, filing, & payment automation a breeze for QuickBooks users.

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Automate your QuickBooks sales tax filings while protecting yourself from audits. That’s LumaTax.

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LumaTax hooks directly into your QBO account for unprecedented accuracy.

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Get up-to-the-moment details about your sales tax filings 24/7.

24-7 Reporting
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Sales taxes are filed automatically and correctly. Guaranteed.*

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Audit protection gives you the peace of mind you deserve. Guaranteed.**

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Our team of sales tax experts are at your disposal during good times and bad.

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* Filing automated sales tax returns directly through LumaTax is optional and costs $30 per return filed. Some product features are only available with automated sales tax return filings.
** Audit protection applies to sales tax returns filed by LumaTax. Eligibility will be determined on an account-by-account basis within 90 days of siging up. Additional fees apply.