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44 states have new economic nexus rules. Are you ready?

If you sell online, new economic nexus laws impact where and when you need to collect sales tax going forward. Our 40+ page custom economic nexus analysis report was designed to help you find out where you stand, quickly.

Preparing your data file

Your transaction data needs to contain certain fields in order to get the best economic nexus analysis. Check out our quick formatting guidelines below and review our sample template.

File Type:
  • .CSV, .XLS, or .XLSX (<50 MB)

The first row is the column header and includes:

  • Invoice ID
  • Transaction Date in numeric format
  • Gross Sales Amount
  • Ship-to Address

For best results, also include the following columns:

  • Taxable Sales
  • Tax Collected
Economic Nexus sample file

Economic nexus is changing everything about selling online.

On 6/21/2018, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned physical presence nexus, the primary determining factor for whether a business was obliged to collect and remit sales tax on behalf of a state, labeling it “unsound and incorrect” for today’s economy. In doing so, SCOTUS affirmed South Dakota’s concept of economic nexus as more appropriate for modern commerce. Since then, most states with sales tax laws have implemented or adapted South Dakota’s model of using revenue and transaction volume as threshold tests for determining economic nexus.

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Our industry-first economic nexus analysis report gives you state-by-state insight into where you may need to collect sales tax.



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