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LumaTax FAQ for Square Users


How do I sign up?

There are two ways to sign up. Either visit our account creation page OR click the Get Started link under the LumaTax offering in the Square App Marketplace (coming soon).

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What happens after I authorize LumaTax to access my Square transactions?

LumaTax will automatically import your POS transactions for all of your Square locations and begin to analyze them, line-by-line, for sales tax data. After the initial import and analysis, new and updated transactions will be imported on a regular basis and kept up-to-date.

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Does LumaTax work with my Square online store?

We currently support Square POS transactions only. However, we’re working on adding support for your Square online store transactions and hope to provide that to our users in the very near future.

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How does LumaTax use my Square data?

We use your Square data to accurately determine your sales tax liability (i.e. the amount you collected) and to allocate it to the appropriate taxing jurisdictions.

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Why are my Square location and corresponding addresses important?

Business locations are important in determining nexus, which is simply the legal term given to the requirement of a business to collect and pay sales tax in a given state. For example, if your business has a physical presence in California, you would likely have nexus in California and be required to collect and remit sales tax in California. Additionally, we use your Square location and address information to accurately determine the taxing jurisdiction(s) to which your sales tax will be allocated.

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What is an e-file ready report?

A LumaTax e-file ready report is a summary and breakdown of your tax dues for each jurisdiction. These are the figures you will need to report on when you file your sales tax return in a given state.

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Does LumaTax support automatic sales tax filing?

Yes. We currently support automatically filing (i.e. one-click filing) in the state of California. More states coming soon!

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How do I alert LumaTax if I open a new location?

There’s no need to alert us. Our system will pull your new location data from Square automatically.

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How do I cancel my LumaTax account?

When you log into LumaTax, click the Settings icon, then click Cancel under the Integrations section. We hope, however, that you’ll contact our support team at support@lumatax.com if you have any issues prior to canceling. We’re committed to simplifying sales tax for every small business!

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