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23 Timely Blog Post Ideas for Your Accounting Blog

Are you trying to regularly post content in your accounting blog but running low on ideas? This post will help! We put together twenty-three blog post ideas for you, organized by season. Some of these posts are targeted at individuals and others focus on businesses. Happy blogging!



1. 5 Ways to Boost This Year's Tax Refund
Offer advice on actionable things you can do; donate to charity, maximize your 401k contributions, etc.

2. Organization Tips to Simplify Personal Document Filing Include folder label ideas, tips on how long to hang on to various categories of documents, how and when to purge old files, etc.

3. Should You Hire a Tax Preparer This Year? Read This to Find Out.
Explain the benefits of hiring a tax preparer, how it ultimately can save you money, situations when it's smart to work with a professional, etc.

4. 11 Surprising Tax Deductions You've Probably Never Heard Of

Ideas; performing artist deduction, moving costs (including pet moving costs) if you're moving for a new job, self-employment deductions, etc.



5. Do Your Future Self a Favor: Save for These Three Things Now
Set up a holiday savings fund, move $5-10 into it per week, save for unexpected medical expenses through the year; can be done through employer using an HSA or done independently, set up a separate account and save for unexpected car or home repairs.

6. 5 Ways to Finance a Frugal Family Getaway
Ideas; use employer-sponsored discount sites, get tickets through discount retailers (warehouse clubs, etc.), book travel with a high-value cashback card, use Groupon or similar discount sites to buy tickets for attractions, opt for a stay-cation, sign up for airfare alerts and buy when the price is right.

7. Simple Ways to Make Your Dollar Go Further This Summer
Summers usually get expensive; the kids are out of school and vacations are in full swing. Here are a few simple things you can do to help your money go further this year; buy passes to frequently visited local attractions, set up in-home playdates with friends and family, etc.

8. Is Summer the Best Time of Year to Finanace a Big Purchase? Provide insights on the best time to make big purchases; cars, homes, airline tickets, etc. Talk about holiday weekend sales, year-end car sales, etc.

9. 5 Easy Ways to Cut Food Costs This Summer
Ideas; go to the farmers market, make use of coupons (in-store, mailers, and app savings), join a warehouse club and buy in bulk, seek out kids eat free nights and other restaurant promotions, take advantage of coupons and promotions.



10. 3 Business Budget Categories You're Likely Overspending On
Provide information, based on your experience helping clients develop and stick to a business budget, on three categories that frequently exceed budgeted costs. Then, provide tips on how to save money and make more accurate projections.

11. Everything You Need to Know About College Savings Funds
Offer an explanation of what 529 college savings plans are, how they work, how to find the best fit (best returns, most flexible, easiest to manage, etc), and provide an evaluation of various plans, tax benefits, etc.

12. 3 Easy Ways to Avoid Over-Spending This Holiday Season
The holidays always bring a whirlwind of activity... and a flurry of unexpected costs. Give your blog readers advice on how to prepare for often overlooked expenses (home and car winterizing costs, cost of food and supplies for hosting guests, increased heating costs in cold-weather states, etc). Also, explain how to set an accurate pre-holiday budget to avoid overspending this year.**



13.Planning Ahead: A Complete Budget Guide for 2020
Offer a step-by-step guide on how to build a comprehensive household budget. Include tips on how to maximize savings, identify and cut unnecessary costs, and optimize spending.

14. Step-by-Step Guide to Planning Next Year's Home Projects
Encourage readers to prioritize wants versus needs, rank projects in order of importance, and to get multiple cost estimates (at least 3). You can also explain how to accurately budget for house projects, and be sure to offer advice on how much of a budget buffer to plan for and why.

Any Season


15. 5 Things to Know About Emergency Funds
Share statistics on how few people are financially prepared for an emergency, provide examples of when and how these funds could be used, and give ideas of how much money to set aside.

16. A How-To Guide on Setting and Meeting Achievable Financial Goals
Offer advice on how to set SMART money goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely).

17. Here's How You Calculate How Much Money You Need to Retire
Explain variables (inflation, lifestyle requirements, etc.) and provide a formula that helps people of all ages calculate how much money they'll need to have set aside for a comfortable retirement. Explain how social security and other services come into play, and include tips on how to save for expected (and unexpected) medical expenses.

18. The Best Way to Ensure a Financially Comfortable Future Is...
Evaluate the pros and cons of various ways to save money; stocks, bonds, physical assets, IRAs, 401ks, and high-yield savings. Give insight on how to prioritize where to save and how to diversify savings.

Recurring Monthly Posts


19. Local Business Profile: [Client's Business]
Showcase your clients! Share their successes, and also share accounting and tax struggles that other local business owners can relate to.

20. [Month] CPA Q&A - Your Questions, Answered
This one is super simple. Take questions from clients, write responses as a post, and share on your blog.

21. Money Saving Tip of the Month
Offer tips on different ways to save money, whether by doing it yourself or using apps and other tools. For example, readers can set up a specific goal savings account, use an app that saves all your change, use cash to buy specific categories of items to control spending, and so on.

22. Make Tomorrow Better Today
Showcase business owner and individuals who have made smart money moves that have paid off. Explain how their discipline and forsight today has prepared them for a comfortable future.

Bonus Post

23. [Your Company Name]: A Year in Review
Make it an annual tradition to share photos of events you attended throughout the year, charity or team building projects your team participated in, and so on. It helps humanize your business and will help you seem more approachable and relatable to potential clients.

Now that you've got ideas galore, it's time to start typing!