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for Accountants by LumaTax

Streamline your clients' sales tax compliance once and for all.

With LumaTax, you don’t need to dread sales tax work (or worse - send your client down the street to a competitor). Add "sales tax compliance expert" to your resume instantly and forever do away with a complicated, time-consuming client service.

LumaTax completely automates sales tax preparation, filing, and payments for your clients. And yes, we integrate seamlessly with Square and QuickBooks Online. Not on those source systems? Not to worry. We can support all accounting systems via CSV upload.

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  1.   Practice Development

    Eliminate the headache of sales tax compliance and (finally) make it profitable for your firm.

  2.   Audit Protection

    In the event of a sales tax audit, we'll give you $2,500 and working papers to defend your client.

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Get the experts on your side

LumaTax was founded by Robert Schulte, a serial entrepreneur and former sales tax auditor for the State of California. When navigating the complexity of sales tax, he's the guy you want on your team. And with LumaTax, Robert and his team are now your team. 24/7.

Our customers love us


“LumaTax has set up an incredible system that helps our business grow by letting us focus on what we do best… I highly recommend!!”

- Ken R.

“Very impressed with Robert, and his team. I will continue to use them and will recommend them to all my business colleagues.”

- Bob W.

“I am very pleased and impressed with LumaTax. I would recommend this company to any business that needs sales tax filing services.”

- Christine C.

LumaTax + Accountants. Better Together.

Our team and technology work 24/7 to ensure your clients remain compliant with changing laws and tax rates, alerting you when the opportunity arises to work with your client to implement a necessary change.